Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pearl Street Mall

One of my favorite places to take pictures in Boulder is certainly the Pearl Street Mall. It's always teeming with life and crazy, unique, interesting people. I'm always particularly drawn to the street performers, as they provide such a surreal subject for such an unusual place. Having grown up near Boston and attended (some) college there, it always bring back fond memories of Quincy Market. For anyone that really likes just being somewhere public and soaking in the life around them, Pearl Street Mall is the place to go. I've always ben quite the people watcher, which maybe I thought was a little weird. Until I got a camera; then it's like, 'Alright, boku people watching.'

"Hey! Get outta my case, man!"

Haha. That's what's it looks like, but I assure you I had his permission, and we had a nice chat about music. Another of the reasons I love the mall is that I'm a musician, a drummer in fact. There's always musicians playing, and very frequently percussionists. It's fun just to listen some times, but the camera almost always comes out.

Two of my favorite musicians I have met so far would definitely be these two. Dominic is on the flugelhorn and Gabriel is on the sax. I asked Dominic if he played any conventional gigs, and he replied, "No way. All that work, for bad money? I just made 10 bucks for playing a girl happy birthday." Gabriel has one of the sweetest tones I've ever heard on a sax; and I've heard a lot. In this picture, Dominic is clearly enjoying it, while Gabriel take a solo.

That's all for now. I'm thinking I'll go back soon, and meet some more interesting people. When I'm in the mood for some alone time, I more often find myself going to the Mall and merely spending time with people I've yet to meet.

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