Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1990-2010 Happy Birthday Myra!

On Myra's birthday we went to the grocery store. We found gummy letters to write a message to this little girl, who used to be My-My and is twenty now!!! Ben looked carefully through the clear part of the packages. Nudging the letters around themselves at the store, without opening a package, he couldn't be sure that any of them had an "R" so we had to just buy all the packages there were and hope for the best. We did find an "R" and plenty of other letters... And here's the message:

We love you!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday AJ!

On Saturday, we were just about home when the someone gave us an invitation to be creative. We were on bikes and we saw this one first...

[Chalk it up]

Then we saw a narrative about a dog chasing cars and what appears to be a person with a talking bubble...

Finally we came across the invitation! We jumped off our bikes to participate. Presented with such an opportunity, what would you do?

Well, we took the moment to make a picture in honor of A's birthday, May 6, today! We love you AJ!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Banner &hearts

by Ben

So, on March 9th, our good friends Jared and Kristen had their their first baby; a beautiful girl named Banner. They didn't get to come snowshoeing last weekend with us and mutual friends Travis and Laura, so we decided to make a little note for Banner in the fresh powder on a frozen pond.

Yesterday, Travis, Laura, Genny and I spent some time in Denver trying to mutually expand our photo skills. Afterwards, we all headed over to Jared and Kristen's house to have dinner together. But before dinner was to be served, Banner needed to go on her nightly walk. Here are some photos of us and the walk.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Funny Photos

by Genny
Now that Ben's back from his trip, we've got lots of photo talk going on in this house again, and fun photo experiments. The first set is from Wednesday, long shutter speed with multiple flashes... Wow, look how many of me we can make!

Then on Thursday we had friends over and continued with the slow shutter speeds. Bryan's very patient to listen to so much talk about cameras and photo business all the time. So above, Bryan, with a long shutter, taken by Jeff? Next Travis moved the camera at the same speed as Ben's hands to create these photos.

Travis wrote Laura a love note, and then Laura drew Travis a dog to walk. In case you're wondering, it's a lab. Then I drew Laura a giraffe and she hugged it, and I painted a cowboy costume on Jeff. Then it was Travis's turn and he made Jeff speed along on a motorcycle. To end the night, Laura made me into a diver with a fish. Ben was behind the camera for most of these light painting scenes. He sure is a talented photographer.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Le Weekend Avec Diane

by Genny

My friend Diane is here from France and we're showing her all the Colorado adventure living we can while she's here. Diane had never been rock climbing, so we decided to bring her to the indoor rock gym on Thursday night, just in time for her to get a feel for things before we took her outdoors onto some ice on Friday afternoon.

Diane is so brave. She's basically up for trying anything, and constantly wears a smile to do it. She gave ice climbing a great try, and then got up early the next morning to go out for a cross country ski in Rocky Mountain National Park with our friend Elisabeth. We had some beautiful scenery, interesting clouds, a few flurries, a couple of really fun skiing sections, and lots of falls and laughter.

By the time we headed over to Bear Lake the clouds had come in and there was barely a view, but we did see a small wedding ceremony taking place out on the ice. Then we walked on the railing back toward the car, and headed back to Boulder, with everyone but the driver napping a bit on the way home. Sunday we took a rest, and of course watched the Superbowl. Just a note to our out of town friends: You don't have to be from France to go on this special adventure tour.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A New Year

by Genny

In case you haven't heard, Ben's got a new blog on his new website. That's why there hasn't been anything new here in a while. Now I'm taking over, at least for today, to catch up on things. So far in 2010, I've been working on the Gear Guide at Backpacker and Ben has been working hard on the photography business... getting published in catalogs, going to trade shows, and making friends with professional athletes and marketing managers along the way.
In the midst of all this work, we've both still been finding time for K-Life, the youth group we love helping with. I'm a leader for middle school most of the time, so there's been a lot of hanging out with 6th-8th graders on weekends when Ben's away. Since Ben's a high school leader they let me join them on the high school snowmobiling trip which was great! We got to enjoy an awesome cabin over Martin Luther King Day weekend... snowmobiling, snowshoeing, playing

lots of games, putting together a glow-in-the-dark puzzle, singing and we even went to the hot springs. There's a climbing wall there, but none of us were too successful in climbing it. Luckily it was very fun to climb up a tiny bit and then drop down into the warm water.

Ben and I finally had some time at home together this weekend, so Friday we went ice climbing in the afternoon. This is the first time we've gone together using our new ice tools. (Those photos aren't downloaded yet, but stay tuned.) And then yesterday we did a little bit of walking up a mountainside with some friends. No summits, but it was great to be out there!

<<--Left: Kim tells Ben to watch out. He may be taller, but she's faster.