Monday, February 8, 2010

Le Weekend Avec Diane

by Genny

My friend Diane is here from France and we're showing her all the Colorado adventure living we can while she's here. Diane had never been rock climbing, so we decided to bring her to the indoor rock gym on Thursday night, just in time for her to get a feel for things before we took her outdoors onto some ice on Friday afternoon.

Diane is so brave. She's basically up for trying anything, and constantly wears a smile to do it. She gave ice climbing a great try, and then got up early the next morning to go out for a cross country ski in Rocky Mountain National Park with our friend Elisabeth. We had some beautiful scenery, interesting clouds, a few flurries, a couple of really fun skiing sections, and lots of falls and laughter.

By the time we headed over to Bear Lake the clouds had come in and there was barely a view, but we did see a small wedding ceremony taking place out on the ice. Then we walked on the railing back toward the car, and headed back to Boulder, with everyone but the driver napping a bit on the way home. Sunday we took a rest, and of course watched the Superbowl. Just a note to our out of town friends: You don't have to be from France to go on this special adventure tour.

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