Tuesday, February 24, 2009

JTree Vol. 2

Back to the internet, and here we are with the next installment of pics from the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park. The first week was pretty rough. Between, bad weather, cold nights, being pretty homesick, and the usual harshness of adjusting to the joys of living out of a truck with two other guys, I wasn't having a good time at first. But now the weather has been great, nights are warmer, we're finding our climbing rhythm, and getting our send on.

The scenery here is amazing and so is the camping; that is, when we're actually camping in the Park, and not the Pit.
Since being here, I've run into three people I know; and it's not like I'm that cool and know tons of people. It's been really cool though. I ran into a friend Nate, who I met at the Solid Rock Climbers for Christ conference that I went to this past August in the RMNP. He's a really cool dude and climbs pretty hard, and so do his friends. Here's Nate's friend Todd getting the redpoint on Spider Line - 5.11c.

We've been trying to hit a lot of classics. Overhang Bypass (5.7) is definitely of of the best so far. I was hanging off a rope taking pictures, so I haven't climbed it, but I can tell. I can't wait to lead it myself. Here Matt runs it out, on easy ground, to the top of the first pitch.

The sole benefit of all the crap weather we had at first was this really cool rainbow we saw. Other than that, it was rather miserable.

All in all, it's been some pretty good times, with a lot more to come. Stay tuned, folks!


Todd Paris said...

We want more! Awesome pics Ben! Are you selling any? Cool that you ran into Nate. Did you see Gary F too I know he was out there.

Ben and Genny Fullerton said...

Thanks, Todd! I can always count on your for encouraging comments. Yeah it was really cool running into Nate. I tld him about the conference in the Daks this summer and he sounded interested. I also did run into Gary. It was pretty sureal, him an Nate had adjacent campsites, and they talked, and then Nate told Gary that I was around, then Gary ran into me at the place in town that has showers. I'll give you a cal one of these days and we can catch up.