Friday, March 13, 2009

I made it!

What's up, ya'll? I'm back from Joshua Tree as of 2 hours ago. I'm kinda loopy right now because we drove 22 hours straight to get home, and I took 14 of them. It was good times. J-tree was fabulous, what an amazing place. I'll be throwing up lots more pics in the coming few days, but I just wanted to get something up. I like this little picture I took of a thorny thing growing in no more than a handful of dirt in the shallow crack of a rock. I think that thing and I have a lot in common. It must be hard to grow in an environment like that, so naturally it's very tough and has developed a strong, thorny exterior. Although I guess I'm not really that tough, I tend to cry about things like only sleeping on one Thermarest because I left the other one on top of the truck and it blew away while driving. Also, I'm not very strong or thorny either. In fact, I mostly got torn up by gritty Josh cracks and donated blood frequently to a few offwidths. In fact, I may not have anything in common with this little guy, but I like the picture.

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Todd Paris said...

I so can picture the thermarest blowing off of the top of the truck. Can't wait to see more pictures!