Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Good Friday!

Two weeks ago, I decided to bring out camera to our Bible study and so I could be a GWC. It was my turn to make people uncomfortable by pointing a camera at them all night. If you don't like having your picture taken, you should stay away from this small group, since we have a 1:1 photographer to non-photographer ratio.

So in honor of Good Friday, and to remember the Guy With Cross who died 2000~ years ago with me on his mind, I'm posting up some pics from the other night. I'll let you wonder what in the world goes on in our bible study as you scroll down. Then I'll explain.

Genny is getting very sick of me pointing cameras at her.

So, she tries to stuff her face with brownies, hoping it will stop me.

It doesn't.

Maybe Jared just saw God. Maybe he just saw my flash bounce off the wall and go straight into his face. I don't really know.

Travis says, "Man, my hair is jacked up."

Laura says, "That's ok. You can borrow mine."

Much Better.

Jared couldn't resist also trying on his wife's hair. And enjoyed it thoroughly.

Good times.

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