Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't try this at home.

Who am I kidding, Genny and I tried it ourselves as soon as we got home. It was 100% unsuccessful. Let's face it, I have enough trouble balancing myself on my own two feet, so I can pretty much forget about balancing someone else on them.

This past week, I spent my time in Salt Lake City trying to promote myself as a photographer at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. I was officially there on a Backpacker Magazine press pass, and there for I took some pictures, checked out some gear, and did a little blogging for them, here and here.

While there, I ran into a few members of the YogaSlacker team, who I had met at the Teva Mountain Games. They are a talented group of people who have combined yoga, slacklining, acrobatics and a general spirit of adventure to create something very cool, and very difficult.

After running into them a few times throughout the show, I decided to ask two of the team members, Jason Magness and Chelsey Gribbon, if they would be interested in trying to find time for a photo shoot before we all left town. They had originally planed on leaving town Friday after the show, which meant it would be a no go, but then plans changed, they stay the weekend and agreed to head out saturday for a day of shooting. Score!

Since I was already in Salt Lake, Genny took the opportunity to drive in with a friend. That way we could hang out together for the weekend. Last year on our honeymoon, Genny and I had swung through SLC on our way home. While we were there, we had hiked and climbed at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon at a spot called Cecret Lake, which phenomenally gorgeous. We figured why not go somewhere we already know is beautiful and do the shoot there.

I ran the plan by Jason and Chelsey and we decided a morning of shooting in Little Cottonwood, followed by an afternoon of climbing together sounded perfect. It was great to have Genny on the shoot with me. This was one of our first major shoots working together as a team and I think it went amazingly well. Here are some of the shots from the day, and the rest are here. Enjoy!


kmb said...

looks sorta like cirque du soleil, but crunchier.

Todd Paris said...

you guys are getting pretty good at that photo stuff! Wish you could come shoot the SRCFC conference in the Adirondacks!

Seth K. Hughes said...

Nice shots Ben. Talk about interesting and unique photo subjects! (not a bad location either)