Monday, October 27, 2008

More Scream Scram!

As Genny posted below, the two of us photographed the 9th annual Scream Scram friday night. It was totally awesome and a really really fun time. But it was also pretty overwhelming to cover. Fast paced, so much going on everywhere and then trying to get all the photos uploaded and keyword searchable by the next day. It was totally worth it, and we'd love to do it again next year; and 3 days later I finally have enough brainpower to blog about it in some detail...

Despite the hectic nature of trying to cover the race, it still left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. It was just a really fun event to be at. Everyone was having a blast, lots of hilarious costumes, lots of families doing the race together, just good vibes all around; and all for a good cause.

It was really great being there early and watching the excitement and fun build as people show up. Slowly, Washington Park filled with athletes in their hi-tech running costumes. Some of the more serious contenders were warming up when we got there by running laps around the park, and probably ran a few 5k's before they ran the 5k.

Eric Larsen, who is a global explorer and adventurer, attended the event to promote his upcoming adventure to the three poles of the Earth. The three poles would be North, South, and the ceiling of the world, Everest. He will be venturing to these great frozen places in an effort to raise awareness of climate change. Before the full race, there was the kid's 100m race, and in this race Eric ran with the kids while pulling two car tires behind him to simulate the sled he will be pulling to the poles.

As the 5k began, the starting line exploded with color. The racers were off, and it was our job to try and be a step ahead of them. We hurried to the midway point to take a few photos before we had to run off to the finish line. Anything you can imagine crossed that finish line. Skeletons and vampires, super heroes and villains, a screw and screwdriver, the burger king, Jack Sparrow, a taxi, a shower, and a bunch of people that I can only assume were Christmas stockings or various parts of Santa.

Afterwards, I set up my light near a wall and did some nice and easy pictures of people who wants portraits done. Here's a picture of a skeleton and the girl dressed as a shower. All in all it was really fun and constantly hilarious, despite the hard work. Genny and I had a great time and hope to participate again.

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