Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lindsey and Clayton

The other weekend, we had a fun time doing a photo session with our friends Lindsey and Clayton from Church. It was a beautiful saturday afternoon and we decided to head down to Pearl St for some Illegal Pete's burritos. They were terrific, and a great way to get ready for a photo shoot. Maybe all our sessions should start with burritos. We found a nice location in the shade with an interesting tree for an background. After taking a few there, we took a stroll further down Pearl St. Coming up on a pretty large crowd, we stopped in to see what was going on. Then I saw the fire being juggled that could only be one person, Daring Derrick, who I have photographed before in my street performer series. We enjoyed his show, then moved on to an alley between Pearl and Walnut St.

Genny and I had visited this alley before and thought it would be a great location for a shoot sometime. The only problem was that we visited the alley at midnight, and it's apparently quite a bit busier at 3pm. We hung out there for a while and did some shooting. We would stand around for a minute of two while people went by, then throw the light stand back in place and fire some off. People would walk down the alley, and we would stop shooting so they could go by, and they would always start apologizing for interupting our shoot. It was pretty funny. I was expecting people to be annoyed, but I guess when you have a camera and lighting equipment, people must assume your some big deal, or you're shooting someone famous. We would always respond back that we were sory for being in the way. It's was funny for a bit, but got old, so we moved on.

Here's some more.

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