Thursday, December 18, 2008

Warm enough to go bouldering.

Aaron on some V5.

This weekend we had a reasonable day to get out with some friends for some bouldering. Of course by warm enough, I mean 35 degrees or so, which really isn't bad at all for bouldering. There's a really nice feel to cold weather bouldering. You sit around in a warm puffy jacket, with long johns under your thick pants. Every once in a while you take off your jacket and go try and climb for 30 seconds or so. Then you fall off, put on your jacket, and go lay in the sun for a few minutes; occasionally getting up to spot someone. It was good that we got out that day sincethe next day it was -8, and stayed wavering around zero for a few days.

Topping out.

Beta Discussion.

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Climbing for Christ said...

great to see you hanging w/ aaron again!