Friday, January 2, 2009

Time to play catch up.

It's been a while since the last post, so ignore the post date. I'm gonna go back in time a bit. After the very pleasant day of bouldering, the next day was absolutely frigid. So Genny and I decided it was an excellent day to stay inside and make cookies. We had a Christmas party to go to that night, so we thought we would show up in style... with cookies!

Genny ws excited to finally get to use her Pampered Chef cookie gun. I was dubious when she pulls this thing out, but let me tell you how totally sweet it is. Press it to the pan, pull the trigger, pick it up, repeat. Perfect cookie after perfect cookie. Unfortunately, now that I'm blogging about that, everyone will know that we're not master pastry chefs. Below, Genny writes my name in cookie dough, which was badly burned in the oven due to it's small size. Apparently we are no good without the cookie gun.

It was a great day and the cookies were delicious. The highlight of the day was my brilliant decision to put peanut butter cups on the PB blossoms instead of regular old hersey kisses. They were a hit at the Christmas party, although, Genny says she still prefers the regular old kisses. Best of all, we used this picture of us and our cookies for our Christmas card! Merry Late Christmas everyone!


Todd Paris said...


Christy said...

I loved the Christmas card you guys sent!

I got a cookie press last year for my's lying around here somewhere, haha.

Ben and Genny Fullerton said...

Thanks, Christy! Genny says it took 4 years for her to use hers!