Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Warmer than last time...

by Ben

You know those nice warm January days? You know, like the 65 degree, sunny, windless days when you can wear a t-shirt and shorts, and you actually try and stay in the shade because the sun is too warm? No. I didn't know about those either, until this past Sunday. I got another chance to head out for some nice winter bouldering with my friend Aaron and some other folks he knew. It was absolutely gorgeous out, good sending weather. Good thing, because Aaron wanted to send Mongolian Cosmonaut, a V8 problem that he has been working on. Edit: Turns out this boulder problem is now consensus graded at V9, according to Mountain Project.

We bounced around for a little, getting warmed up and playing on some other stuff. Then we moved on to Mongolian Cosmonaut while Aaron was still fresh. The problems starts very steep and hanging from a pretty slopey hold. Then you fire the right hand up to a small pebble, bump it up to another slightly better pebble, bump up one more time before you can bring your left hand over to one of the pebbles and start moving up the boulder. It's very awkward and involves a lot of tough moves before you can get solid enough to start upwards. Aaron was having trouble getting his feet to stick under the boulder, while he lunged for the pebbles.

After some body position adjustments, he was sticking the next move and looking pretty good, but it's wasn't happening and there was one more problem to be dealt with. Diagnosis: His shirt was too heavy.

With that solved, it was sending time.

Here are the rest of the photos.


Genny said...

Can I get those moves again? So there's a pebble and then another pebble and I have to get my feet in the right position to grab the next pebble? I really like drinking my vegetables so I should do great on this V8 problem. haha I'm so hilarious!

Todd Paris said...

Way to go Aaron nice send! Way to go Genny that was a very funny comment! Way to go Ben those were some very professional photographs!

BTW -SRCFC national conference in the Adirondacks is scheduled for August 19-23

Ben and Genny Fullerton said...

Those dates might very wel be doable for me.