Friday, January 16, 2009

Keep the Christmas coming!

by Ben

Here comes more Christmas pictures! Our plan for Christmas morning involved getting into the airport at 1 am, going to my parents house to sleep, having Christmas morning with my family whenever my nephews wake up (6 am), then heading over to see Genny's family once it start winding down at my house (9 am). It was a great plan until the numbers inside the parenthesis became reality. So, we got over the Genny's house and spent the rest of the morning with her family. In the afternoon is when her whole bigger family gets together at the house across the street and has a good time and some dinner. It was really great to see everyone again, the shrimp sauce was amazing, and dinner was delightful. It was also a great opportunity to practice some indoor lighting techniques that I wanted to mess around with in a safe environment. Here are the highlights!

Here's the rest of the pictures!

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